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Burials and Bosham Burial Ground

Information regarding full burials and burials of cremated remains in Bosham burial ground and Holy Trinity Churchyard




The churchyard around Holy Trinity Church was closed in 1902 and from then onwards, Full Burials and the burial of Cremated Remains have taken place in the Bosham Burial Ground in Bosham. The full address for visitors is:

Fairfield Road, Bosham, Chichester, West Sussex, PO18 8JH

Cremated Remains may also be buried in the designated area in the Churchyard of Holy Trinity Church.

The Burial Ground is managed on behalf of the Church by the committee of The Bosham Burial Ground Association.  The Bosham Burial Ground Association is a Registered Charity and is an Association of individuals and organisations willing to assist Bosham Parochial Church Council with the maintenance and upkeep of the Burial Ground.

For an Application Form for membership click here or for more information on membership please click here for the BBGA Leaflet or contact the Membership Secretary on 01243 572821 or   

The Burial Ground may be used by those who have a legal right to burial within it, or at the discretion of the Vicar and PCC, assuming space is available, whether they are Christians of other denominations, members of any faith or none. 

The Bosham Burial Ground Association maintains a Grid Plan of the three Plots and these can be found below under the heading Grid Plans and Index of Names.




Grid Plans and Index of Names

An Index of Names for the North, North West and South Plots can be found here:

North Plot Details – Index of Names

North West Plot Details – Index of Names

South Plot Details – Index of Names

Diagrammatic plans, showing the position of the graves can be seen here:

Ashes Area

North Grid Plan

North West Grid Plan

South Grid Plan


There are certain Regulations which state what is and what is not allowed in the Burial Ground.  These have been laid down by the Chancellor of the Diocese to ensure some conformity amongst graves and also to assist in the maintenance of the area as a whole. 

It is strongly recommended that these are studied before planting or deciding on the choice of headstone. For a copy of the Chancellor’s Regulations click here

Burials – Possible Options

A Full Burial or burial of Cremated Remains in a new grave. This will be in the South West Plot and generally follows in sequence.  It is not possible to save grave spaces, without a faculty.  If preferred a smaller grave may be used for Cremated Remains.

A Full Burial in an existing grave, recorded as being double, is possible in the SW Plot.

Cremated Remains may be buried in existing graves in the South West, North or South Plots. The cremated remains may be buried in a biodegradable casket or poured into the ground.

For Either a Full Burial or a Cremation

If a headstone is intended, it is best to leave the grave for at least six months to allow the ground to settle before installation, although planting or tending a grave may begin straight away.  See below.  Please note that the plot belongs to the PCC but the headstone belongs to the next-of-kin who is liable for any possible future maintenance.

It is important to note that for both Full Burials or the burial of Cremated Remains it is essential that application for any form of Memorial and freestanding stone vases is made in the first instance to, and approved by, the Vicar of Holy Trinity Church.   

Click here for the Application Form for the introduction of a memorial into the Burial Ground or for more information contact


bosham burial ground 2

General Cremated Remains Area

There is a special consecrated area located on the north-east side of the Burial Ground where it is possible to have cremated remains poured into the ground.   The position will be recorded but not marked on the ground.

Planting and Tending A Grave

Planting and tending any grave in the Burial Ground may begin straight away after the burial.  However, please be aware that there are Regulations concerning what may or may not be planted and these are shown on the notice board at the entrance to the Burial Ground and are also in The Chancellors Regulations found here. As  already mentioned, it is strongly recommended that these Regulations are studied before planting or deciding on the choice of headstone. 

For any further information please contact the Parish Administrator on 01243 210242 or 

Church Address

Holy Trinity Church
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